Your day, Friday, February 8th 2013
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    Default Your day, Friday, February 8th 2013

    Good morning,

    Yesterday evening we went to see the apartment that Fiori will be moving into.
    It is really big, quite old (built around 1959) and a little run down. But with a bit of TLC, it will be a great place to live.
    She'll be sharing with another girl. It really is big. There is a large hallway, small kitchen, huge living room, extra storage room (big enough for a bedroom), and toilet.
    Then there are some stairs.
    Upstairs there are 2 HUGE bedrooms, a bathroom with 2nd toilet and another room that is used as a walk-in wardrobe (filled with cupboards filled with clothes) but is easily big enough for another bedroom.
    The lease stipulates that there can only be 2 people living there, so that is great. To be quite honest I was a little worried about the space since Fiori has SO MUCH STUFF/CLOTHES, that I wondered where she would actually put it all.
    Now I'm not - she has bags of space.

    The best part of everything is the location. She is near the huge weekly market in the center of the city and a lot of great places to go out. PLus there is a supermarket literally around the corner and a little deli called 'Little Italy' which is AMAZING.
    The only real thing that I can comment on is the stairs. It is a 4 floor walk-up (to the front door) with the typical Dutch stairs. OMG I needed oxygen and new knees when I got up there. I'm glad that I don't have to lug groceries up those stairs every time.

    So in about 6 weeks time, hubby and I will have an empty next. (Now I am trying not to cry.)
    I have never felt old - not when I turned 40 or 50 or even last year on my 54th birthday - NOW I feel old.
    Right little pity party going on here this morning. Sorry about that!

    Well, today I will be cleaning and doing grocery shopping.
    Tomorrow evening we are going to friends for dinner, so that should be nice.

    Have a great day!

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    Glad she's found a nice place, how fun for her!

    I'm worn out again today, I was having a lovely sleep last night then the white rabbit must have been startled by something and woke me up thumping. That was at 2am and I have been awake ever since. So it's probably going to be a quiet day again which is annoying but there you go. I'm so glad it's the weekend although we're meant to be going to watch a rugby game on Sunday but the forecast is snow so we'll see.

    I was puttering about in the kitchen this morning and I thought I'd finally hit the big time when I saw someone poking about in my recycling bins (it's collection day). I thought maybe it was the press trying to dig the dirt on me for something exciting... But no, a lady in a hi-vis jacket had a poke about, wrote something on a clipboard and went off to the next house. How weird. Wonder what that's all about?

    Does anyone have any plans for this weekend? I'm still looking for shoes, not fun at all.

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    I guess I am starting to feel what the consequence of the economical crisis really is. It is hard to apply for a job when there are plenty of candidates they can pick from. I even had one job application that didn't invite me because I have a masters degree, always thought it would open up more options, but honestly I am starting to regret I ever got it. Anyhow I have sent another application letter today and yesterday, nothing more I can do but wait I am afraid. And hope I am lucky and get picked out.

    Britbunny, this seems really strange behavior. I could understand it if she wasn't writing anything on the clipboard, but by doing that it really gets odd.

    Dutch, I am sorry you are gonna have the empty nest feeling but it sure sounds like your daughter has her things in order. I hope she ll enjoy her new place.

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