Your Day, Sunday 24th February
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    Default Your Day, Sunday 24th February

    Time flies, 24th Feb already.

    Has anyone been doing anything fun this weekend?

    We just had a putter about in the town yesterday, did some window shopping and bought a few bits and bobs - bread, vegetables etc. This morning we've done a little spring clean and this afternoon we're just going to relax. Hope you're having fun whatever you're doing.

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    I spent most of my Saturday in a small truck picking up furniture at the other side of the country. So far that was planned, it wasn't planned however to do an extra 50 miles because we forgot to pick up a part of the furniture.
    Today was a really nice day however, we had to move the furni, but spend most of the rest of the day with my BF.

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    I sweep and mopped the kitchen..Did 2 loads of laundery..and now goofing off on the

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