Your day, Friday, March 1st 2013
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    Default Your day, Friday, March 1st 2013

    March already - time seems to be speeding along - especially for me today.
    Sorry for writing this so late.

    I am SO SO busy getting everything ready for the baby shower tomorrow and jet lag isn't helping one little bit.
    I am dog tired.

    This morning I was cleaning, doing laundry (finished both) and grocery shopping for the shower.
    Still have a couple of things to get tomorrow morning.

    I also did a trial bake of scones from a new recipe since mine usually suck.
    These were quite good except for the fact that I couldn't find my baking powder so they weren't as fluffy as I would like them. The taste was good though.
    I'm going to be baking another batch in a couple of minutes to see if these are any better. Watch this space for the result.

    I'm also making a chicken veggie soup for dinner this evening, nice and easy.

    Have a great afternoon/evening!

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    Well today was my first working day. I got out this morning, very well in time, luckily. And apparently I managed to leave the door of the truck open on Wednesday, so the light kept burning. I called my mum for mental support and luckily the garage came to fix it quickly, but it wasn't a good day. Luckily the rest of the day went better. I just hope this isn't a bad sign.

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