Your day, Saturday March 2nd 2013
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    Default Your day, Saturday March 2nd 2013

    What kind of job do you have have now Ayanka?
    Sorry to hear about your bad start with your car but also glad that it all got fixed.
    Did you enjoy your first day even though the start wasn't so good?

    Yesterday evening (I honestly don't know where I found the energy) I made another batch of scones and they were good (too good actually - hubby and I wolfed down two each with clotted cream and jam - gone diet LOL).

    This morning I am writing this early because today is the day of the baby shower.
    I have so much to get done, I don't even want to think of it all.
    40 scones to get made, 2 brownie cakes to make, 3 loaves of bread to be made into dainty sandwiches, the last grocery shopping to get done - before the grocery shopping I have to get some gifts wrapped and packed so that I can go to the post office and send a parcel for my mom sine it is mother's day in the UK next Sunday.

    Whew - I'd better get going.

    Have a great day everyone!!!

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    Hello from sunny IN. High of 28* The snow is melting. But the north side of the house still has a lot.
    In a good mood--the SUN is shining brightly!!!
    This is a day of what my Mom would call "a little bit of this, a little bit of that". Bless her heart. Sure miss her..
    Anyway's... I'm going to make detergent this afternoon, sweep the house, and maybe read a cookbook or two.
    I've got enuff LO's, so this will be a no cookin' day.
    Love this post, Dutchie. I like reading how everyone spends their day, across the miles. I've only had cellaphane wrapped scones. So an actual HM scone must be delish!

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