Your day March, 4th 2013
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    Default Your day March, 4th 2013

    It is a glorious but cold day here in Holland. However we are in for a short Spring-like spell of weather and our temps should be rising to around 10 - 15 deg. Celsius i the next couple of days. Unfortunately here, this usually comes with rain at some point.

    Today is going to be extra busy since I procrastinated yesterday and did absolutely nothing including not getting my cookery class prepared which resulted in me having a nightmare about going to school and not having anything prepared and nothing with me for the kids to cook.

    Thankfully I am subscribed to loads of cookery and product websites and this morning in my email, I received a recipe from Pillsbury (we have something similar here) and I am going to make that as one of my dishes tomorrow. Whew!!!

    Although I woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night and therefore didn't sleep well, I do have a little bit of that 'get up and go' feeling but I think that that is more because of the weather and the fact that I HAVE to get a LOAD done today than that there is any actual energy in me.

    So everything that I had to do yesterday has to be done today as well as extra laundry etc. AND get out of here within the next 30 minutes to bring the car to the garage for a service and check up (compulsory here with cars over 3 years old).

    So have a great day everyone!!!!

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    Hi from IN..
    Sunny day but cold. Was 18* when I got up this morning. We're waiting for a big snow storm to hit, starting tonight.
    This afternoon we went to the dollar movie & saw Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. He can sure come & rescue me....LOL.
    After the movie we went to the Senior Afternoon Special @ the Golden Corral. 7.19 per person/buffet. No supper here, still stuffed.. We're using those senior perks! We'll watch our favorite Monday night TV shows & maybe popcorn around 9p.
    Oh yes, I emailed letters this morning to friends & my cousin. Last week, I wrote a mailed letter. You know-how often do we write? Felt really strange to use my hands to write. Lost art?? I can sure type, tho.
    Stay warm & carry on.

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