Good morning!

@ Ayanka - our taxes (highest slice) is 52%. But our wonderful government (bit of sarcasm here LOL) has decided that if an income reaches above € 150,000 then it will be taxed at 15% extra 'crisis tax'.
Because of something that happened with us last year, we could be in for a hefty bill. It depends on how our IRS looks at some of our things. It could be that we only have to pay 1 or 2% over an amount or that we have to pay 52% (with a possibility of the extra 15% on top). Time will tell.

Also - because I was an independent contractor in 2012 for the first time, I will also hear if my costs will be paid back or not. If they aren't then I will be stopping work after my contract expires since it simply won't be worth it.

So a lot is hanging on what the accountant comes up with.

@ Britbunny - glad to have you back.

Busy day here - cleaning, laundry grocery shopping - same old same old.

Snow is definitely on the cards at the weekend in Holland but no one will commit to where it will fall exactly or how much (typical).

Have a great day!