Your day Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
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    Default Your day Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

    I've been away for a while.
    Let's get caught up.

    Fiori had found an apartment and was waiting for one girl to move out so that she could move in.
    As she said - 'I can move right in' - we thought that there was nothing to worry about and a quick clean would suffice.

    I had warned her that moving house - even moving into your first house - takes a HUGE amount of time, energy and money.
    And there's always something that doesn't go according to plan.

    NOTHING went according to plan - including the 'joy' that she thought she would have by moving out on her own.

    In fact just a few days ago, she said the words that daughters try never to say to parents, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!

    Yes it was more work than she had thought, the apartment was FILTHY!!!
    In the kitchen if you touched anything you stuck to it because of the grease - and one girl was still living there (still a mystery to me how someone could have lived there).

    Anyhow, after getting another bout of the flu and cleaning till my hands were red raw (hubby and Fiori and Fiori's friends were decorating and lugging her stuff up 4 flights of stairs), she officially moved out yesterday.

    Now we are for the first time in 31 years a couple with no kids at home.

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    i recall the first place i had on my own....dirty and in a really bad unsafe area! but, live and learn! you are a good momma though! i had to clean it all myself with the help of some friends! good luck to her....

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