Frugal Friday, 12/10/10
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    Default Frugal Friday, 12/10/10

    Good morning,
    Holy COW!!! It's the 10th?? When did this happen? I really need to finish my shopping. Yikes...

    It's actually UNFrugal Friday for me. Where should I be? In the basement, messing with the woodstove. But instead here I sit curled up in a chair in front of the tv. I just couldn't bring myself to mess with it again after it refused to keep a fire going for me last night. I guess I'm flat out just tired. Boo..

    With that said, so happy that it's Friday!! That means a little break from our horrendous schedule! I'm getting done with work early to get groceries, so that will be taken care of, too. And the best news is dh will be home late tonight! He has been in Ohio for 2 weeks, so we are definitely ready to see him again.

    I found out last night that oldest dd has been picked up to play on a traveling basketball team. Which is for her, but that means we will be keeping the same basketball practice schedule thru to the end of March. Ugh. Not to mention trips to far away cities that require overnights in motels and gas money. Somehow I'll figure it all out.

    I plan on being lazy tonight, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Have a great Friday!

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    Sound like you'll be busy Vanessa!

    I did get to doing a lot in the kitchen yesterday and it's a good thing I did, I've got a mouse in the house. By really going to town cleaning I noticed the first signs of a mouse around, it had to have just gotten in. Cupboard the activity was in is empty and now set with traps. Mwahaha, I'll keep you posted.

    Another cold day here was single digits when I woke up, now a balmy 12º. Not much going on, I'll do some more in the kitchen and maybe some laundry. Not going anywhere, fire is going & leftovers to eat so we're living the high life cheaply today.

    "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
    e.e. cummings

    Laugh it up folks!

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    Good morning ladies. I got up at 8 feeling much better than yesterday. Still stuffy but no headache at the moment. I have put dishes from yesterday's dinner away. Did breakfast dishes, did my exercises, washed & dried a load of clothes, laid a nice roast out for dinner, and started a list of our favorite sites(our computer is starting to do some strange things so I'm getting prepared.) I need to fold that load of clothes, keep working on list, do some reading, maybe work on office some more, fix dinner, do dishes, sweep floor, relax before bed and do some more reading. Hope you enjoy that MOUSE HUNT Darlene. I love that movie, I just may watch it after DH goes to work, there probably isn't anything on tv anyhow. Hope you all have a safe, warm day.


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