Frugal Friday 12/24
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    Default Frugal Friday 12/24

    Ahhh, good morning on this Merry Christmas Eve Day ladies. I hope you all got your beauty sleep in like I did. We have to do some last minute shopping today, so no homework for me. Just getting through the nasty crowds will take all of my energy and willpower not to punch someone. I hope you all get everything you want for Christmas and have a safe trip for anyone travelling.


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    I eccho wishes for a safe trip and hope you all have a happy time with your loved ones.
    I went grocery shopping at 7am, lol, and when I left the store was getting busy. People buying huge prime ribs and lobster but not me, lol. Since we celebrated Christmas last Sunday with family Jack & I are just relaxing and enjoying. Dinner tonight is fondue and tomorrow a nice steak I pulled out of the freezer. I sprung for some asparagus at a more resonable $1.99/lb (was $3.99/lb last week) so we'll have that & a baked potato with the steak.
    Feels so weird not having all kinds of goings on like the rest of the world but taking it easy is nice too.
    Wishing you all my best & hope many of those wishes you all dream about come true. XO

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    I hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays this year. Was able to sleep in again in two days!!!! Just a great feeling not waking up and feeling like I need to run around all crazy! Right now the cat is on my lap using me as a heating pad. It is a wonderful sunny day outside so will get ready for a walk soon. Then make some scones to tomorrow. Lucky me gets to go to someone elses house for xmas.

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