Frugal Friday - Sept 9
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    Default Frugal Friday - Sept 9

    -packed myself and Dubya's lunch this a.m.
    -declined an offer to order taco pizza with coworkers
    -payday Friday!!!
    -will be paying insurance today, as well as more than the minimum payment on another item for debt reduction.

    Hubby and I are kickstarting our anniversary celebration (6 years tomorrow!) by going out for dinner tonight. I have been craving bbq ever since watching BBQ Pitmasters Grillathon over Labor Day weekend. I have a coupon for a local joint, so we will at least eat out (somewhat)frugally!

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    Happy Anniversary weekend McD's!

    Today started off normal...

    Packed Diva's lunch
    Drive to school

    Stopped at the grocery store and spent $93 of the $100 I put aside for groceries the next 2 weeks. (It also includes a months worth of homemade lunches for Diva - meatloaf, chili, pizza rolls etc for a lot cheaper than the $3.25 for each sub-par food the school offers)

    As I was standing in line waiting to check out, OldMan texts me... a lot of guys didn't show up today and asked me if it was okay for him to go in to work. (Um... extra money at 1.5 his NEW RATE? Heck ya! ) He just wanted to make sure I didn't have any secret plans for us since Diva is spending the evening at her BigDad's and we will be home alone today

    I got as far as putting the perishables away before my neighbor came for some "porch-talk"

    Still need to
    - put the non-perishables away, cut up the 10 pounds pork loin in to chops and roasts.
    - make Diva's lunches for the next 2 weeks and pop them in the freezer
    - dishes
    - a load of laundry if I am feeling spunky

    Dinner will be left over meatloaf from last night.

    I may start on some winter knitting as well... or just do some heavy duty thinking about it...

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    Today has has been another slow day at home. The only good side I see to having the stomach flu while 37 weeks pregnant is you certainly can't go anywhere to spend money. Starting to almost feel like a person and dreading all the house cleaning I will have to do to catch up. I think maybe I'll end the day by bribing the kids to clean for me.

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