Feelin' pretty frugal today... I like that! hehe

Dh skipped breakfast (he often does) and I had my usual...made at home latte (about 65 cents).

Dh was taken out to lunch by his company, so no cost there. My lunch was a cucumber and tomato sandwich - and my dad gave me the tomatoes and cucumbers from his garden...so...cost was 2 slices of bread (bought loaf with coupon) and some mayo.

I had a mega sweet tooth...and when Dh called to let me know he was on his way home from work...he said he was bringing me a cupcake!! The office had a catered party and the dessert was 5 dozen fancy cupcakes. He brought me a red velvet one! YUM! And FREE made it taste even better!

Dinner is a jar of spaghetti sauce I got on sale for $1.69 (it's the Ragu kind with veggies in it) over noodles we got free from my dad (he rarely eats pasta, so he cleared out all his cupboards and gave us ALL of it...a variety of kinds...this is the first bit we're using).

We're having a quiet evening in...after doing some more homework, I'm hoping to read more of the book I'm enjoying (bought at the second hand store for 10 cents) while I have a cup of tea (also gained from dad's cupboard cleaning).

I just love days that feel frugal all over!