Frugal Friday, May 3rd, 2013
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    Default Frugal Friday, May 3rd, 2013

    Sunny , warm day.

    Started the day with a walk with doggie.

    Shampooing Family room carpets.

    Washing bedding. Can't wait to sleep on it! Mmmm.....

    Might take a nap later. Yawn.

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    Went to do some banking, then to walmart to get oil for my parents car. Dh is almost finished fixing that hunk of junk.

    Tried to do a little shopping. Not finding everything at walmart anymore. Prices aren't as good either. Don't get me started on the long check out line. I was going to price match a couple of things, but decided to do the self checkout and it was packed. Couldn't find the lady to help me do a price match. I don't know if you can at the self check, so paid full price. Grrrrr....I think I'll be checking out dollar tree, dollar general and family dollar more. I expect slow service and not everything there. Target's prices are getting better. I'll just have to make sure I do a better stock up when things are on sale.

    I have to go to a funeral this afternoon for a man at church. I made a casserole to take to the family.

    Then more shopping. I just didn't have time to do it all this morning. I need to get everything done this weekend, since I may or may not be a little out of it early next week. Getting a tooth pulled on Monday.

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    Definitely not a a frugal Friday here. Been running errands all day, in & out of the house so often that dad doesn't know when I'm home Beautiful warm-almost hot- sunny day here

    Dinner is leftover KFC with hm home fries & salad.

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    stayed home most of the day and walked the puppy to the corner
    My Garage sale comp. mouse died so i plugged in the one i got curb shopping from the neighbor.
    Going to have to take the van in asap-no frugal coming there.

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    Not the most frugal day but not too bad. Got out of work and decided to treat us to KFC. 23.00 for a family meal. Was ticked because their sign was advertising their 10 piece boneless meal but when I got home it only had 5 boneless and the rest were bone in. Deceptive advertising so I emailed them requesting a reply. Not right.

    Then DH asked me if I wanted to go with him to Dicks sporting goods an hour away so he could find some camo clothing for turkey hunting. He put aside 100.00 cash but only spent 58.00. He works hard and it has been years since he has hunted or done any hobby really because he works so much. We ended up stopping at the army surplus for the jacket as Dicks didn't have anything. No other money out. Woops I did spend 1.00 for a cappucino at work. I allow myself a couple a week of either that or iced coffee.

    Tomorrow I have to bake cookies for next week at work and I think I will premake a dinner for a potluck I am going to Tuesday night. I have a ton of pepperoni in the freezer from a big bag I bought at BJ's so think I will make a cheesy pasta bake and add some of that. I need to make a menu plan for the week also. DS will be home from college on thursday so will need to start planning bigger meals. I want to cook the way he likes as it has been a rough year for him at college healthwise. His diet is so limited because of an ongoing illness and getting the food he wants at school has been hard. I am sure he tends to just grab stuff he shouldn't have.

    A friend of mine is trying to quit drinking so I asked her if I could take her to an AA meeting tomorrow. She said she will call me if she can find a sitter. That will be several hours I am sure, but not a problem in the least just need to work around it. Maybe I will see if she can come for dinner before. Thinking even though I could sleep in tomorrow I won't and will make sure I am out of bed by 7:00.

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