Frugal Friday 8/16
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    Default Frugal Friday 8/16

    Went to the gym this morning with hubby and walked the treadmill. DD #1 started junior high this morning, so it was fun taking her and she had a great day! Came home and finished hanging things up in the girls and boys bedrooms, cause we moved two weeks ago and some things are still in boxes. I think we will be able to finish up the garage this weekend. Didn't go anywhere except the gym and to pick up dd. Wait, dd had 5 dollars leftover from school, they served them lunch, so she didn't have to buy it, so she treated me and dd #2 to drinks and cookies at McDonalds. That was fun. We are trying to limit our spending, so we are also working on keeping busy at home.

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    Busy day here today. Early morning meeting, then home to catch up on some laundry. Headed to work, then home, dinner, dishes and paperwork (classes). This weekend planning on LOTS of housework....but for now enjoying a cup of tea.

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    Also worked out at the gym w/ DD this afternoon
    Stopped at S.A and got a Yoga book for .25 and a new pair of slippers for $2.99 and a LN pair of jeans in a smaller size for $6.99

    Also walked the park w/ Dh and new pup.
    ate lunch at home. Got a med. pizza for dinner=less than $8./3 people.

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