What going on Friday?
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    Default What going on Friday?

    Today is supposed to be 90 degrees!
    So in all effort to keep the cooler monster off....
    I have the fans in the windows on the south side of the house to bring in all the cold air. Its soooo cold in the rooms!
    I shut all windows and blinds on the north side to keep out the sun.
    Iam making lots of ice and I bought some ice pops.
    ~trying to see how low I can get the utilities by...
    -washing in cold
    -hanging it to dry
    -keeping off lights and tv etc...
    -wearing clothes again
    chores today...
    2 loads laundry (almost done)
    vacume, sweep and mop
    dust rooms
    change water in garage for emergencies

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    Today might be in the 60's here, the sun is out now, but the storm clouds are forming. It's supposed to storm later this afternoon.
    I called the dentist and have an apt. for Monday at 11am
    Today I need to:
    Dye my hair
    begin some dusting in the bedroom
    Shop at Aldi
    Deposit a little birthday money at the bank
    Leaving at 3:30pm for a birthday party for me and my fiance's step mom, just a small family thing, but it will be fun .
    Shopping this evening at regular grocery store

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    It's a cloudy/rainy day, but fairly warm and it seems to be clearing up. I'll take it

    I've already:
    ~got 4 kids off to school
    ~packed 2 lunches
    ~got myself ready for the day
    ~made the bed
    ~packed up two packages to be sent out
    ~had my breakfast
    ~went to Target for Baby Shower gifts for the baby shower tomorrow (way to procrastinate, Heather )
    ~picked up three birthday presents on sale/clearance for future birthdays
    ~went to the wine store to get the inlaws a couple of bottles of wine for their belated Christmas present. With dh's present no-job sitch, we haven't been down there since Thanksgiving

    Still need to:
    ~work on a baby sweater for the baby shower tomorrow (again with the procrastination )
    ~run the dishwasher
    ~pick up the four kids
    ~get a gift certificate at Tx Roadhouse for the inlaws belated Christmas gift
    ~go to work at 5pm
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    It is 83 degrees with typical humidity here.
    So far I have:
    Gone to work, come home
    Took neighbor guy to get his lawn mower
    one load of laundry in cold
    did dishes

    Need to:
    Pick up dd from school, get her ready for dance class
    Get gas on way to dance class
    While she is in dance class, I'll walk to the store to get a few items
    Taking her to subway on the way home later tonight (her turn to pick for dinner)
    Dh is out of town working until Tues. so the rest of the evening will be quiet.

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    I only had a couple hours of sleep due to my pain in the behind cat wanting in & out & pouncing on me & it didn't help that I'm in a LOT of pain & having some problems with my hip again since I fell but so far I have the clothes rack on the back porch since it's not suppose to rain until later & I washed all the throw rugs & the toilet covers & have them haning out there drying.
    have another load of laundry to get done
    cleaned the shower
    took hamburger out for dinner
    ordered a couple more freebies from walmart
    done some more surveys
    have a trade on it's way out
    cleaned off top of my dresser
    got Malycias things in a bag because the box I got ended up not being big enough so next week dad will get one from Budget up the street.

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    It's rainy here but all my activities are indoors so that's ok.

    ~ Finish de-cluttering closet and dresser drawers
    ~ Sweep and mop upstairs hallway
    ~ Clean off steps
    ~ Cook dinner
    ~ Straighten up computer room
    ~ Pick up DD from school
    ~ Relax and watch a movie with DD

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    It is nice and sunny here today after cold night.

    So far...
    My coffee drank
    talked to bro/SIL
    Let the dogs out several times
    Made sure DD is doing ok.. (32 wks preg and on complete bed rest)

    Need to do..
    Vac the whole house
    Mop kitchen
    2 Loads of laundry
    make sure animals have food/water

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    Worked from 7-4
    It rained today so I couldn't ride my bike for exercise
    I really need to tidy up the office
    Take Raechel for her usual Friday night outing
    Get money for yard saling
    Deposit Dh check
    pay bills online

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    Got up, did my morning routine and chores, and went to work. At lunchtime today, our office was invited next door to the hair stylist/esthetics school for a Meet-'n'-Greet. We were each given a balloon to pop, and there were prizes inside, anywhere from $20 to $100 gift certificates! I got a $20, and my mom got a $20, though she gave it to me, so I got 2 $20 gift certificates. That'll come in handy over the next few months. Plus, there's no expiry date! There was also lots of free snacks and treats, which was nice.

    About 4 p.m., emailed me to tell me that he was off this evening, so I immediately organized a trip to some local shelters to visit with kitties we might adopt. We did find <a href="http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=8112198">a pretty little female</a>, but we want to check out a couple more places before we commit to her. She seems really sweet and is very pretty and playful. Hopefully she'd keep Tempest on his toes.

    I dropped off at home and I went to the gym, and watched Dr. Phil while pounding away on the treadmill. After that, I came home to supper and baked a chocolate pudding cake. Now I'm letting play chess while I visit the Village. We might watch a movie tonight, or just get in bed and read, whatever we come up with. It's nice to have an evening with him.

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    Good evening all.

    I've been pretty busy all day. I swapped out my fall/winter wardrobe with my spring/summer wardrobe and oranized my shoes and jewelry (I do have a jewelry fettish ya know ...I buy it all on clearance cuz I'm frugal though ) and my purses. I decluttered 4 bags of stuff to go to the thrift store, and to give to a special person. I'm thrilled to be getting rid that much stuff. Anyway, tomorrow while I wash my sheets I think I'll do the top shelf of Gripey's side and straighten up his clothes (I already did his shoes). Anyway it took me all day to do this job but man does it feel great now. I know exactly what I've got and what holes I might have.
    After all that was done we picked up Dad and went to our fave mexican food place for dinner. Back home, on the puters now.

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    Picked up the step son, had a small birthday celebration, watched some movies, let the kids play, put them to bed. That's it. Nice calm day.

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