I have a $1200 BEF and a $500 sinking fund. I am looking to beef up the BEF to $2300 with the sale of our second car. Ideally, it should be $4000 which is 3 months of our base expenses. We have some money socked away in Germany still, but that is basically our dire emergency fund. So, $4k here is one of our savings goals.

We are saving for a few short term things:

$500 for September Vacation
$1500 for December-January Vacation
$230 for Certification Exam

As you can see in the ticker, we are about $150 away from the September vacation goal, so are doing OK. We should be able to raise the rest in the next two weeks.

The $1500 for Dec-Jan is actually easier than it looks. About half of that is my Jan rent and water bill which I have to pay before I leave. I am going to sock away my extra paycheck in October for that. The rest is a combo of saving and selling. I don't really need more. I get paid twice over my vacation and am staying with the in-laws, so no real expenses unless we create them for ourselves. Tickets and all of that have already been bought.

The $230 I hope to come up with between the second week of August and our vacation in September.

I have an HSA right now at just under $1k. I might pull a little out of it in a week or two to replace a filling. Otherwise, I don't touch that money. I hope to end the year at about $1k to roll over.

It is all kind of chaotic right now. When we get back from Germany, there will probably be some large changes to the budget, because my husband will start looking for full-time work. Then the next saving expenses are:

1) Second car
2) Naturalization
3) Land
4) House

Saving is just what you do when you don't use credit. I don't really have a desire to have a lot of things, so besides at the grocery store or my biannual trip to Lane Bryant, it is pretty easy for me not to spend money I don't need to or haven't given myself my own savings credit to buy.