Consumer prices may ease soon ( what do you make of this article?)
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    Question Consumer prices may ease soon ( what do you make of this article?)

    Consumer prices may ease soon despite drought driven spike

    Consumer prices may ease soon despite drought-driven spike - Economy Watch

    What so you think about this article?

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    About what I expect, too, although I don't think anyone knows for sure.

    This stuff is cyclical and we're in a down cycle now. But rising prices for stuff like meat will eventually force demand down, which in turn will probably force prices down after a while.

    I've also wondered about the world's other bread baskets. I expect to see more imported food to help make up for our own shortfalls. The rain the US is not getting is falling somewhere, and if it's falling on crops in Russia and Canada and other countries which are big grain producers, then some places may have bumper crops this year.

    Time will tell. I'm not going to stress about it since there's nothing I can do about it.

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    Read this article earlier today. Could not help but think yeah right whatever. I still plan on stockpilling as much HBA that I can right now. If the consumer prices ease great I am ahead of the game. If not, well I will not be struggling as hard. If the products from russia or china make it to the US great. Just wonder about food quality and the extra cost of having it shipped here.

    Right now my HBA is pretty good for the next two years. So I have a few extra dollars freed up for the food prices that MAY ease.

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