What's your opinion of [I]The Hunger Games [/I]?
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    Default What's your opinion of [I]The Hunger Games [/I]?

    The thread about living close to the bone made me think of The Hunger Games.

    There are lots of frugal living topics:

    How would you survive in District 12?
    How would you protect your children? Would you secretly train them, even if it's against the law, so that they'd have a chance if sent to the Games?
    Would you share your knowledge?
    Would you help those less fortunate?
    What if you lived in a district (like District 11) that had a more intense Peacekeeper presence?

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    I hadn't thought of it from the parent's perspective, just from a participant's. If I had to go into the arena, I'd stick around the cornucopia and be killed early one. Imo, even the victors ended up with lousy lives.

    In the district, I'd help the less fortunate. Don't know about training my children. They all have to watch the games, so I think anyone can glean which skills are useful.

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