Extreme frugality vs abundance mentality
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    Default Extreme frugality vs abundance mentality

    Stop trying to organize all of your family’s crap. If organization worked for you, you’d have rocked it by now. It’s time to ditch stuff and de-crapify your world.

    If you're not using the stuff in your home, get rid of it. You're not going to start using it more by shoving it into a closet.

    Use it up, Wear it out,
    Make it do, Or do without. ~unknown

    Because we, the people, have the power to build a better future. KH

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    The idea of abundance, as I understand it, is perfectly compatible with frugality. I feel the two go together naturally without having to manipulate it.

    I feel like this author has an unusual take on what abundance means. (Compared to a various things I have read about the idea of abundance.) She also mixes in several other philosophies in with it.

    Abundance is feeling that you have enough. It is a feeling of not needing more. A feeling of having enough clothing, enough jewelry, enough material possessions. A feeling of not needing a bigger and better car, house, etc. It could be thought of feeling that you have enough money because you do not feel you need to buy a bunch more stuff. But the philosophy was never about buying a bunch of stuff because you feel like you have enough money for it.

    The idea of abundance makes me think of two competing mindsets about frugal living. On the one hand, you can be frugal because you feel no need for more stuff or expensive status symbols. So you are happy and content. On the other hand are people who feel it is a unpleasant but necessary sacrifice. These are the frugal people who feel deprived and unhappy.

    So a few comments on her frugally abundant points:

    Point one about being frugally abundant fits nicely. I may say more about that later, this post is already pretty long. Point two seems irrelevant. I believe in personal development, but I do not see how it relates to abundance or frugality. Point three starts to get some contradictions in it. From a perspective of abundance, you do not need to be chasing after more money.

    I read post on the ladders site occasionally. They do have some interesting things to say about frugalness sometimes. But the site is dedicated to helping you find a job/better job, i.e. climbing up the corporate ladder. So they really do not want to encourage people to be to content with their current level of income.

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