Falling off the wagon is only a symptom...
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    Default Falling off the wagon is only a symptom...

    Falling off the wagon is only a symptom of these dreaded disorders....in combination, they can be fatal!

    S hort
    A ttention
    S pan?

    Our children contract this at an early age and it is highly contagious...It does tend to go dormant during school time or perhaps it is just in it's incubation period. Hieght of contagion occurs mid summer (July). Highly disruptive force...

    In addition to the dreaded S.A.S. about mid July we are weakened by DAD...yes...

    D eprivation
    A nxiety
    D isorder

    Also highly contagious! The cure...a quick trip to Walmart and the purchase of an extremely expensive power tool that your man just can't live without!

    These activities end in guilt and depression...the result...We are M.U.D.

    M utually
    U norganized
    D isorder?

    By the end of August, our well meant intentions of keeping to the budget and our routines have been TRASHED!

    This visious cycle must be stopped! How can we, the keepers of the home, prevent this? Camping gear...pack'em all up (the whole family) and drive deep into the woods. Unload the vehicle and family...Then......

    Climb back in the vehicle and drive as fast and as far away from them as possible...This Quarentine need only last for the summer.

    Once the danger of spreading the contagion has passed, you can pick everyone back up and take them home...school starts the next day!

    Sorry, Ladies...just couldn't control myself...hehehehehehehehe

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    ROFL Graci, those were the days!!!! I remember when my kids were like that. What a LIFELIKE memory this brings back!

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    Love it Graci!

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    I love it! You are one amazingly funny lady!!!

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