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    Lightbulb Another article--simple but good

    Here is another article by Doris O'Connell. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her let me know. I don't think she would mind though. She was always so nice.

    Create your own work center.

    In order to Tightwad efficiently we all need a place to work on our budget, prepare menus, do the comparison shopping & be able to spread out the newspaper ads, clip coupons & organize them. This special center is great for writing shopping lists. Having a special place NO matter how humble, be it a piece of plywood propped on crates or files, an old door fashioned into a work center, or a desk discarded from some business establishment. The work space and a chair or two & perhaps a reluctant spouse or balky child that previously refused to cooperate w/your TW endeavors might just want to get involved. When all items don't have to be moved off the kitchen or dining room table for meals, there will be more continuity & it will become easier to just pick up where you left off.

    With organization of your created workspace it will become easier to implement an inventory system of your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, kitchen shelves & some have even gone as far as an inventory for items in the medicine cabinet, under sink vanities, toiletries, soap, even an inventory of their linen closets. No more running to the stores or pharmacy for necessities. By having an inventory for linens, long before they are relegated to the rag bag or cleaning supplies, money can be saved for their replacement at sale price. Same with other items it pays to buy on sale, using coupons, refunds or being able to buy when the price is right at a discount place. The organized person will be more successful at Tightwadding, their budget & proper management of the home.

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    Thanks! I can always use new ideas!

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