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    Hugs & sympathy Pam. I know the feeling- went sooo over budget myself this month I had to apply for an overdraft. Talk about heading backwards. Take heart, look forward not back!

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    thanks for all the support 2nd surgery done 2 surgerys in 2 weeks has done me in, i have been resting and taking it easy luckly had a great meat back up going to use most of that up need to deforst the frezzer so that will help lower food bill for a while, kids and i made an agreement they dry the clothes in the dryer but sheets blankets ect they hang up. also bought the big bags of animal food a little more money but won't have to buy for at least a month, same with tp and a few other things, went to garage sales got some great deals and even some to help with the remodle so that helps, only spent $179 this week for groceries and supplies so i feel pretty good about that, after july 11th don';t have another appt in wichita until aug 23rd which will help alot, but i am making a trip on wed the 5th and another on july 11th, but will have holiday and over time pay on the next 2 checks that will help. i have been going shopping but had to buy some convince foods since i can't bake, have bought frozen rolls, cake mix, things like that but one good thing the kids have made the powdered milk so I did not have to buy regular milk, so things will work out i just got over welmed i think, but I am taking the time to heal and rest and then i will get everyone back on track, got the oldest 2 out looking for jobs so that will help. dh knows how hard i work on saving money he is always bragging about my saving on groceries, he just knows that i was feeling overwelmed and knew once i was back on my feet so to speak i would get everything back in order. once again thanks for all the advice and hugs, it seems june has been the month of budgets falling apart,. oh i think uncle murphey came for a vist my computer moniter died so now i have to figure out how to get a new one hopefully i have an extra that i kept downstairs will send dh down to see this evening, I am send uncle murphey packing, well thanks again and now that it is july maybe we will all get back on track everyone have a great 4th and stay safe.......

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