Grocery price comparisons
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    Default Grocery price comparisons

    Just thought I would, for curiosity purposes make a thread just for price comparisons. It will be an eye opener!. Please sticky this if possible so we can all find it easily.

    Specials for this week at IGA (Independant Grocers Assosciation) are:

    30 x 375ml cans of Coca Cola $17.95
    Uncle Tobys Vita Britz/ Weeties 500/700g selected $2.39
    Fab Concentrated Washing Powder 1kg $1.99
    Whiskas Cat Food 400g can $0.89
    ETA 5 Star Margarine 500g tub $0.97
    Bakers Oven Hot Cross buns pack of 8 buns $3.29
    Topside Steak $9.69 per kg
    IGA Chicken Thigh Fillets $9.99 per kg
    Leg of Lamb $7.59 per kg
    Chevapchichi or Burger patties $7.49 per kg
    Stir Fry Strips (beef) $11.69 per kg
    2 Frozen Whiting Fillets $6.25
    Watermelon $0.99 per kg
    Pears $2.69 per kg
    Butternut Pumpkin $1.39 per kg
    Broccoli $3.69 per kg
    IGA 2.5kg Washed Potatoes $2.99
    Salted Cashew Nuts 500g $5.99
    Mighty Soft Crumpets pack of 6 crumpets $1.49
    Helgas Brand Bread (assorted) $3.29 per loaf
    Wonder White Brand Bread $2.79 per loaf
    Mighty Soft Brand Burger Buns pack of 6 buns $3.45
    English Muffins Pack of 6 muffins $2.69
    Choc or Jam Sponge Roll $2.79
    KRC Kebanas 2 pack 300g $2.99
    Hans Metwurst (assorted) 250g $4.45
    Leg Ham $10.99 per kg
    Luncheon Meat (fritz/devon) 1kg $4.19
    Hans Short Cut Bacon 250g $3.99
    Danish Fetta Cheese 200g $2.99
    San Remo assorted 120g pastas $1.09
    Edgell Canned Vegetables 310-425g $1.09
    Golden Circle OJ 2ltr $2.99
    Spaghetti pasta 500g $1.29
    1.25ltr Coca Cola $1.69
    John West canned tuns 95/100g selcted $1.35
    2 x 62g mousse $2.19
    Peters smooth vanilla icecream 2ltr $4.79
    Flavored Milk 2ltr $4.29
    Bega Cheese Slices (processed cheese) 12 slices $2.85
    Mainland Tasty Block Cheese (real cheese) 500g $5.95
    Papa Guisseppes Family Frozen Pizza $4.79
    Mcain Frozen Vegetables 500g $1.55
    Colgate Toothpaste 110g $2.89
    Kleenex tissues 100 tissues per box $2.25
    Herron Paracetamol pack of 24 tablets (pain killer) $2.29
    Sunsilk Shampoo 400ml $4.99
    Sunsilk Conditioner 400ml $4.99
    MUM dry Deoderant 50ml (roll-on) $2.69
    U by Kotex sanitary pads, pack of 16 pads $3.99
    Napisan Plus washing pre-soaker 1kg $5.99
    Pea Beu fly spray/insect killer 250g aerosol $3.75
    Palmolive Washing up Liquid 250ml $2.19
    Sorbent pack of 6 plain unscented toilet rolls (paper) $4.29
    Kraft classic selection salad dressings 300ml $1.99
    Moccona Classic roast coffee 200g $9.95
    Nestle Life Savers Icypoles pack of 24 $9.95

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    some of that stuff they sell at Costco... although you will buy a 6 pack of kleenex
    it is much cheaper... if you buy them when the passport book has a coupon for them its even better.
    Costco annual membership fee seems to be very much worth it.
    Thanks for that list.
    wholesale club for me, not independent grocers.

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    It would be hard for me to compare prices since I rarely buy things without coupons or an extra special sale.

    But tonight I bought 5 lbs. of flour for $1.25

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    Default'll notice I am from Australia..

    We have no coupons or stamps here!, we do get a higher government allowance (welfare) over here though, we get paid weekly not monthly like over there.

    Today I got paid $376.70 after the mortgage payment of $100 was taken out. I get paid a family payment and (carers allowance x2), I have to make the above last 1 week before I get paid again.

    Next pay I only get $274.00 (after mortage payment) which is a Newstart Allowance (similar to USA's Unemployment/Jobseeker Benefit, you have to take a form in with places you have gone to to look for work to get paid)

    Food prices are so high here (the majority of supermarkets being American owned), supermarkets blame the price hikes on fuel prices and the drought here I think they are just giving us excuses to rip us off.

    I am seriously going to grow my own vegetables very very soon as the prices for fruit and veg here are getting rediculous AND buying any dairy and meat here I consider a luxury.

    We only have 2 supermarkets here to choose from and that is IGA and Foodland (foodland is a bit pricier than IGA) warehouses/clubs here, they have Aldi/Rite Price and discount/grocery clearance places in the city (Adelaide) but thats like 800kms

    Well I am proud of myself today only spent $83.89 on groceries here is a list of what I got:

    International Roast Instant Coffee 100g $3.88
    Johnson and Johnson Cotton Buds 50's $1.00
    Nabisco Ritz Sticks 175g $2.51
    Sanitarium Weetbix (big pack) 750g $4.65
    Spice and Fruit Muffins (pack of 6 muffins) $3.74
    Praise Mayonnaise 410g (rrp:$3.54) $2.59
    Black and Gold Vinegar (Generic Brand) 2ltr $2.16
    Ardmonda Pizza Sauce 140g $1.30
    P&N Creamy Soda 2.25ltr $2.84
    Foodland White Sugar 2kg (rrp:$2.85) $2.38
    Foodland White Bread 700g/1 Loaf $2.49
    2 x 1ltr Foodland Full Cream UHT Milks $3.26
    Devondale Extra Soft Butter 500g $3.79
    Farmers Union Iced Coffee 2ltr $6.10
    Golden North Full Cream Milk 2ltr $3.88
    Bega Processed Cheese 250g/12 slices $3.65
    Copperpot Tzatziki Dip 200g $3.50
    Foodland Thick Cream 300ml $1.38
    Black and Gold Vanilla Icecream (Generic Brand) 4ltr $6.62
    Chicken Breast Fillet (pack of 2) $6.11
    Chicken Breast Fillet (pack of 2) $6.48
    Blue Riibon Bung Fritz $3.07
    Bananas ($3.99 per kg) I bought 5 medium sized bananas at 0.806kg and paid $2.57

    Punnett of Cherry Tomatoes $3.95

    Hoping that above will last a week and always have at least $10-20 squirrelled away just incase bread and milk is needed during the week

    Oh and fuel prices here are $1.54 per litre (not per gallon (4 ltrs) like the USA)
    I shoved $20.00 worth of fuel in today and got just under quarter of a tank on my fuel gauge so that will get the kids too and from school and little errands covered for the week I hope.

    Oh and for the smokers out there (I'm not myself, but my DH is) a pack of cigarettes (tailor mades, not tobacco) is $11.00 (on special, usually $13.00 usually) for a single packet containing 30 cigarettes.

    Beer here is nearly $3.00 a glass which would be a 330ml glass

    Spirits here are $5.80 per 330ml glass and they love being heavy handed with the ice so if you ever come for a holiday to Australia request no ice in your drinks BEFORE they pour it to get more for your $$$. A 700ml bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon here is $48.00 on special and $56.00 normally so having a few drinks with friends at home will save you money BUT prices are rediculous and it's now become a luxury if anything something you only do once or twice a year.

    Never go to a pub or out to eat here unless you have a minimum of $50-60 on you for a family of 3.

    Oh utility prices here are a joke, I suppose thats because utility comanies here are owned by singapore and other countries they are all not Australian owned, on average my electricity company says I use $70 of electricity a week, utility bills get sent out every 3 months, so we a pay quarterly bill which is around $840 depending on the metre reading sometimes more sometimes less. Here they charge through the nose during summer because everyone has their air conditioners on full blast. We get sweltering heat up here but the seabreezes usually hit around 6-7pm but from about 9-6 it can get up to 40+ degrees celcius where we are.

    Water we have to pay for here, through our local council, around $300 for 3 months water rates of a certain level and if you go over that given rate well then you get charged access water cost too....oh and that all includes sewerage e.t.c

    Land/council rates are another cost depending how much you pay for your house and where you are geographically, we pay $600 per year which isn't bad, money goes to council to beautify town, keep roads in good condition e.t.c

    Telephone and Internet are expensive and theres not much difference between companies and none are Australian owned. Iget charged $79.95 for 24GB 1500/256 on a 24 month plan and recieve a $10 discount for having my phone with the same company my phone and internet combined per month is $100

    We also have PAY TV, or I think you lot call it cable over there. That is $49.95 per month and my partner pays for that, it is also good entertainment for our 2 autistic children, they love nick jnr and other cartoon shows....better than them watching the news these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkelstaten View Post
    It would be hard for me to compare prices since I rarely buy things without coupons or an extra special sale.

    But tonight I bought 5 lbs. of flour for $1.25
    Cool, that's super cheap.

    We pay around $4.00 here for 2kgs (4lbs)

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    Holy crap, $11 for a pack of smokes? Geez, how do ppl afford that?! Since I was very little, I'd always said I'd love to live in Australia, now, I'm not so sure! That's a real vacation breaker, too!

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