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    Did you know that goat meat is one of the most widely consumed meats in the world? Yup, somewhere between 60% - 70% of all the red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat. In researching my facts, I also learned that more goat’s milk is consumed worldwide than cow’s milk. Wow!

    Goat meat has less fat than any of the red meats consumed in the US, so just how healthy is goat meat?...

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    Hey, I'll have some baby goat in the spring ready to buy. You want some. I dont have milk goats but we do raise meat goat. That is if their all male. Last spring all but two were male. Our last one surprised us and popped our a female and we didn't even know she was( as my little girl says mama is there a baby in there) she want call them kids. She thinks kids are little girls and boys which they are but they are also little boy and girl goats. Thats confusing aint it. Sorry I'm from the south, we talk like that. Wish I had a milk goat my husband want let me have one. Too much trouble with stomach intestinal worms. Have too much trouble with the meat goats getting worms and stuff. Have to worm them every month. That reminds me I have to feed them in the morning before I go to the Shriners yard sale and York Rite Breakfast. Hope it dont rain here. We need it. Wish us luck. Hey by the way if you have a field that is over grown stick 1 male and 2 -3 femal goats on it and in about a week or two it will be clean as a whistle. They are pretty good foragers, and their byproducts make o.k. compost I know llama dung does my father used ours for his garden till we got rid of him because he became kinda aggressive toward our other llama. We decided to go with Greaty pyrs.
    Last edited by georgiamom; 11-07-2008 at 10:02 PM. Reason: Want to ad that Some people are allergic to cows milk but can drink goat milk and works great my nephew was one of these .

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    IMO, goat is quite tasty. My mother used to "go in halfsies" with a neighbor, and we'd split the cost of caring for a small herd (then split the meat/milk). It is also healthy (less fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, chicken, and pork).

    Here's a handy link for more info re: goat (and some tips/recipes, too)...


    BTW, please note the comments re: cooking methods. As the Site I linked references, adult goat meat can be tough (it is best stewed). Kid is more tender and savory - - and is wonderful curried and barbeque'd. Also, a number of cultures eat goat regularly, so if you Google "goat recipes", you will find numerous ones for Greek, Indian, Mexican, Caribbean, etc. style dishes.

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