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    Default Where to begin....

    I guess I will begin 2 years ago... The company my husband and 1,000 other people worked for shut their doors and went back to Korea... Had severance, and luckily found a job two months later out of state.. That lasted until February 2009... Now he has been going to school to get his degree (free through the governement since his job went overseas), and unemployment. Well because he last worked in California, he had an open claim there this entire time (since Feb 09) and now our Oregon claim has been stopped until Cal. can be fixed.. Well we got our "back" payments, which went straight to paying bills. Now for the past 6 weeks we have had NO to little income-I do get paid every two weeks about 300 at a time.. Now we are not even sure when unemployment will restart.

    This is extemely frustrating and exhausting. I work only part time and that dont pay anything....UGGGHHHH!!!!! Just had to vent and let other who know what I am go through.. We are trying to cut costs, eat better (less), doing alot of free things-park activities, lunches, or very low cost-3 dollar admission to the lake, bringing a portable bbq and making dinner,yet we are still always sooo short on money...

    THe garden will be coming around soon, and now i am looking towards the beginning of the school year with clothes, and supplies. Not sure how I am going to do all that along with the school fees that will be due. Luckily my youngest needs very little--- socks, underwear, and a couple pair of pants. The oldest is getting her own school clothes with her own money, and the boys may have enough to start. Not sure what to do for any of that or school supplys that my DH said I would not be buying any time soon.. I guess he wants me to try after school is started? WHat does he know..

    Any way enough of me gripping, nothing any one can do, not even myself. Hope you are all have a great summer.

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    Can you qualify for the free lunch program at school?? All the school districts my kids have been in, because they got free lunch, they drop all the extra fees..

    As for school supplies, some districts know people that help low income families with them.. If you have any supplies left over from the past school year like paper, folders, etc., mention to their teachers that you will have all their needs in a week or 2 and wait till school supplies go down in price, usually the week after school starts, some the week school starts if they see their stock is still high..
    We have had some teachers that said don't worry about it, they have extra supplies they buy (out of their own pocket) in case they get students that might need a little help, if we needed that, in a few weeks or month we would buy those supplies and give them to the teacher to put away for the next student, sometimes if money allowed, we would add a little extra supplies as a extra thank you! They appreciated it..
    For years we were bad at excepting help, so we always added some when we paid it back. We're still kinda bad at it now, but except it better..

    Best Wishes to you!!!

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    You might be able to find a church to help you.
    The school office might be able to give you a few ideas
    where to get some help.
    Take advantage of the free lunch programs.
    Check out the local thrift stores for clothes.

    We raised 7 between us. A bit tight, but we made it. At the time, we had all the kids home, he worked for a dairy farmer for 17 yrs. Farmer sold the cows. Then hubby went to work at a factory where they built fire trucks for 16.5 yrs. Then that closed. Laid off the people. Now he works for a highway dept. He should retire from this job. We call it our 5 yr plan now. My last job was 2 yrs ago. No regular income for me. What money I can find now, I call creative finances.

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    Craigslist! eugene labor gigs classifieds - craigslist

    Can your husband do odd jobs for people? He can do it on the side and it won't affect his Unemployment.

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    Do you have last years backpacks. I wash and air dry the backpacks, they usually get a couple of years use. Also at my DD's high school they have a closet that kids can get supplies from if they aren't able to purchase things. It is all donated stuff from the students. One of the teachers monitors it. Check the thrift store and yard sales for clothes. I also agree with the free lunch program. I hope all the confusion is worked out soon with the unemployment.

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