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    These are also the family members (now you've got me started on some of my idiot in laws) who invited a load of people for a party on New Year's Eve and when everyone had said yes, that they were coming, asked for a donation for the party of $30 EACH to pay for the drinks and food which amounted to chips and beer and some candy.
    I also find it unspeakably rude to ask for money from party guests. Sadly, it's not that unusual anymore, though.

    If I was asked to "donate" to the party fund, I'd have to break my rule about keeping my mouth shut about finances. I'd come out and tell my wannabe-hosts that if they can't afford a party, they shouldn't have one.

    Good for you, Dutchie, for keeping your NYE fun and sensible.

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    That used to be my husband and I, wandering from one money drama to another....what changed this past year and a half was solving a plethora of OTHER problems in our marriage. Amazingly, we still make the exact same now, but we are SO much better off. We finally figured out that we were the cause of all of our problems, and once we owned them (together and individually) we began to learn how to be proactive and not RE-active in our lives. Our financial situation is still far from perfect, but it's a lot better than it has ever been, and progressing forward. It improved so much that this past August, we were able to trade in our van (only vehicle) that we were still paying out (and was about to die), and qualify with our credit union for a MUCH better, MUCH more affordable vehicle that we love, and get an interest rate that was about half of what we had been paying before.

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    Fortunately all of my family and friends are self sufficient. But we have watched some of our kids' friends families go down. We offer food but thats about all. We just can't sink too. We have a resposiblity to our kids first. It's so hard to watch but usually,in the past, it could be traced back to bad decisions,impulsiveness,too many toys,too much fun. But,w/ the working conditions/economy here I feel no one is "safe".

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    this is happening to me right now. I have a very dear friend who is trying to leave her husband, has 6 kids and is having an affair with someone 900 miles away. She wants to move out and start over, she just lost one of her cleaning jobs and her main babysitting job and she just bought a $725 Droid phone from Verizon.

    Are you kidding me? when she asked me for advice on what phone to get I told her I couldn't comment because I have the cheapest Verizon phone that you could buy from Walmart 3 years ago and a pay as you go plan so I'm not raking up huge monthly bills.

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