It is good to find those silver linings!!
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    Thumbs up It is good to find those silver linings!!

    Most of you know by now that dh is out of work and more and more I'm finding silver linings in that. Don't get me wrong, we do want him to get a part time job and were making it a matter of serious prayer as are many others, but here are some silver linings God reminded me of today.

    In the past 6 weeks we have done:

    - we've insulated our 2 large bedrooms upstairs by ourselves, making the walls into 6 inch walls. We've also insulated part of our kitchen. In doing this we've tore all the plaster off, pulled all the lathes off the wall, put in insulation, vapor barrier and gyproc. Costs for us were just under $600.00. The vapor barrier (plastic) for the kitchen was free from our oldest dd's b/f. He is in the insulation business and when they were here, they had some extra left over from a job.

    - when we purchased this old house, it had all old wiring except in the porch. We now have 50% new wiring and dh did it all himself, and its been inspected by the electrical guy. Anywhere we could put in new wiring, we did. All the outlets were purchased for under $5.00 (all together on sale) and the covers were purchased at $2.00 for 50 from a yard sale this spring. The wire, dh had left over from when he did his workshop.

    - dh's workshop needed cleaning, it is now completely cleaned by him.

    - the garden shed needed wood piled (free wood working wood) and it needed cleaning, dh did it all.

    - our back porch needed a major cleaning, dh finished it.

    - we needed to have our freezer moved to an enclosed tiny room in the porch. Dh did that, emptying the freezer and then filling it back up. He also needed to make a plug for it. We have no extra money to purchase an outlet, so he just drilled a hole through the wall and used the outlet that was already in the porch (just moved it). Cost $0.

    - there was a window in the partial basement that needed fixing and insulation put in. Dh use some left over pieces of insulation and tore the window right out, boarding it up, cost $0.

    - dh insulated all the mini-closets upstairs. There are 3 but they are small but on outside walls and cold..

    - we changed the sewing room into a bedroom. It needed trim along the rug so that ds#2 wouldn't tear the rug. Dh did that. We used the trim from dd's room because we couldn't use it again in her room once the walls were made into 6 inch and gyproc put on. Cost $0. We just insulated the one small outside wall, again stripping plaster, the lathe and then making into 6 inch walls and insulating, then putting on the gyproc.

    - our van eats gas like I eat pizza, so I've taken to walking to get the mail and extra sale items at the store. Cost $0.

    - I had an afghan that has been sitting partially finished for months and I'm now almost finished it because I need it for a Christmas gift. I had purchased the wool on sale a couple of years ago and hadn't used it. Cost to do it this year $0.

    - even our kids have become crafty. Dd has made a scarf (knitted) for her dad for Christmas with wool gotten for 50¢ at a yard sale. She also made him hankies. She scrolled sawed me a gift from wood that was free. Ds#1 has also made my gift.

    - we were given a deer and rather than take the whole thing to be cut and wrapped, we cut it all ourselves and wrapped it ourselves, leaving out 20 lbs. to make into sausage.

    So there are many silver linings if we just look for them around the corner. I'm saying this only to encourage those going through financial struggles right now. Although we have savings in the bank, they are very limited and need to last so its totally amazing to see what we've accomplished since dh has been out of work.

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    Necessity is the mother of invention they say. Kudos to you and your Dh & family for making do and doing it better. You have so much more than many. You have the love and closeness of family and friends. That is immeasurable.

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    Very well said Darlene, I totally agree!

    You and your family are an inspiration CJ!

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    CJ, when I was a kid, we did our own butchering on the kitchen table. I could do it again if need be. Hooray for you--getting all this "free" contracting work done that would cost a fortune otherwise. DH is doing a great job--he's becoming a handyman! Maybe he can rent himslef out as a "Rent a Hubby" for awhile!

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