Springtime is here and summer is coming! Why not focus on your health and start holding yourself accountable with other people on the same journey? No matter where we are in our weight-loss journey, we all have similar daily struggles when it comes to food. Many of us have different ways of losing weight (counting carbs, counting calories, etc.) and that's okay as long as we're trying to better our health in a safe way.

I thought I'd start a separate thread to invite you to the 2011 Lose-A-Pound-A-Week challenge. Here's the link...https://www.frugalvillage.com/forums/...challenge.html (Please don't think you need to read all the posts before joining us! You also don't need to lose a pound a week to stay on the thread. There are times it's more challenging to lose weight, and that's okay.) Maybe it's because everybody's lives are just so busy, but the thread is quite slow these days. "The more the merrier!"

Come on and join us! Make it a lifestyle, and your body will thank you in the end!