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    Default Lazy Adult kids

    Daughter and son-in-law are staying with me again I had a blow last week about their dirty clothes all over my house.I just a few minutes ago had another one cause son-in-law eats ice all the time I only have 4 trays and he empties them eats it all never fills them up.When it hot I like to ice myself not just one hog get all of it.So I after them both knowing for years that when you empty ice tray you fill it up had my blow.I said I'm so tired of everytime I go to get ice the trays are empty and I'm the only one that fills them up.Daughter started yelling at me i said YES I KNOW I'M A B**CH BUT THIS IS MY HOUSE AND FROM NOW ON IT BETTER BE DONE THE WAY I SAY BECAUSE I'M TIRED OF IT !!!!!

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    I feel you with the ice ;I only have three ice trays and there is never any ice when I want some.

    Ya know, I'm on your side. It's your house and they are adults.

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    Having an adult daughter living with me, I totally understand your frustration. I routinely remove about six glasses from her room a week because she's too lazy to take to the kitchen. When she DOES put her dishes in the kitchen, it's only as far as the SINK. The "maid" will get those, thank you. Very frustrating. Total hugs!

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    You said it in your thread title, they are ADULTS - they need to start proving that they are if they wish to be treated like one.

    Good for you for not letting them continue to walk all over you & take you for granted.

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    Guests in your home , family or not should always be thoughtful and considerate, if not show them the door. You are only asking for basic manners and everyone should know them after grade school.

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