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    Default Back on the wagon

    So between my hospitalization for 5 weeks , and DD's for a week, I feel off the wagon of everything. I stopped keeping track of money (all the bills have been paid on time thank goodness I was with it enough) I stopped making homemade everything. It was hard enough just to make it through the day. This last week I have realized that I need to start paying attention to my fiances, as my rent goes up in Jan. I have done major cleaning and reorganization of the main living areas. So now I have to do the bedrooms. I have started paying more attention to my bank account, and meal planning again. Baking for DD and mixing my milk half and half with powdered.
    I am probably going to be able to live in this apartment until Sept 2012 and then will have to try and find something cheaper. I hate moving. I hate when I get sick that I let everything else fall by the way side.

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    so sorry you and your dd were sick and hope you are better now. I hate moving too, but you never know, you may find a home that is so much better than the one you are in now that it totally makes up for it! Now that you're back on the wagon, look towards the future and not back. You know what you have to do and you will do it!! You know you can, you've done it before.

    *hugs* Stacy

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    Things will get better day by day. Keeping you on my prayer list!

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    Everything will even out for you & dd in time..I'm glad your dd is feeling better! HUGS..
    Wife to Keith
    Mom of 3 boys

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