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    Hi folks. I've come across a very convenient website that syndicates the search results from all the various classified ads and auction websites (eBay, Craigslist, Amazon etc). It's been proving extremely useful for when searching for online bargains. How do others find online shopping? Do you find it the best source of bargains (as I do) or are your preferences still bricks and mortar retail? Any particularly bad experiences anybody would like to share? I'm not asking for any particular reason other than curiosity really. For those who use Google Chrome, I also came across an extension that automatically applies discount codes to purchases on Amazon and the like. It is called Honey. Has anybody tried it out? It's free, so I am sure the trade off is that the collect and sell your info, but this is standard practise on the internet these days anyway. We'd be mad to think that Google and Facebook aren't doing exactly the same.

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    I get most of my bargains on Amazon. I actually run a facebook group where I share them-

    Another thing I do is use the Amazon app when I'm in a brick and mortar store for price matching. The scanner in the app is so handy!

    Camel Camel Camel is my favorite price tracking site for Amazon.

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