Another Poem From Marshwriggle About Relationships
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    Red face Another Poem From Marshwriggle About Relationships


    You say you love me, dont make me laugh
    you love is only half and half
    you give with one hand and take with the other
    bitter sharp tongue just like your mother

    you say you care THATS a joke
    you have left me mentally broke
    its only youreslf you seem to be kidding,
    you do all the talking expect all the bidding

    is this how you want it to be?
    your love is conditional never free
    one day you will wake up and I may be gone
    but untill then I guess I will soldier on

    Anna Brown 10 may 2002

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    Did you write this? This reminds me of my first love. Very sad, I just hope that it does not apply to your life.

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