I hope none of you live in San Fran!!
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    Default I hope none of you live in San Fran!!

    This is disgusting! That they should even have to publish such a map is disgusting! I wonder how many other large urban areas have this problem? Just another reason for "country living!!"

    The less expensive, the better!

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    This is very bizarre. I have never seen something like that any in of the cities I have lived in or visited. I do not think this is a common big city problem. I admit that big cities tend to have some problems, but this is not usually one of them.

    I wonder if there is a shortage of public bathrooms.

    When I hear the about the country/small town v. big city I wonder why all the in-between options are ignored. I am very seriously considering moving to a smaller - but not small - city when I retire. I feel like there are lots of good things to be said about mid-sized cities. Right now I work in a big city and live in the near suburbs. The near suburbs are very urbanized. I live in a condo complex that is between another condo complex and an apartment complex.

    My job is not portable, so I am hanging around till my retirement - 8 more years. And trying to focus on the good parts of the city. For example, I can walk to museums and see art by famous people during my lunch hour.

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    Just politics

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    Fox hates SF and Pelosi so looks political to me.

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    It's true. I used to go to see theater in San Francisco, but I don't anymore. The Hollywood Walk of Fame also has rows of tents, homeless, and the smell of urine now. It's sad. There's a huge drug problem.

    I do plan to take a coastal cruise that will sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, but I no longer spend time in the city. I stay where it is clean.

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