No one writes songs about saving money
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    Cool No one writes songs about saving money

    A couple days a ago I was listening to a song called "Poor Until Payday." I really like the song. I have lived like that in the past. It is not a good way to live. But as far as I know of, no one has written a song about how good it feels to pay all your bills and still have money left in your account.

    If I had any musical talent at all, I would try to write one.

    I like a lot of music in the genres of blues, Appalachian, Americana, roots. There are a lot of songs about being poor, having no money, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, there are songs - generally in the pop, rock and rap genres - about being ridiculously wealthy. Generally about being wealthy in a conspicuous consumption type of way.

    But living below your means, saving money, putting money in a retirement fund, the joy of paying off a debt - none of this gets put in songs. It is not cool or glamorous. We are going against mainstream society - but not in way that is seen as edgy and exciting.

    I am playing around with the idea of putting this into embroidery. Unlike music, I have at least enough talent to embroider something without embarrassing myself. Embroidering quotes is not uncommon - well not uncommon among people who embroider. I browse some of them - there are inspirational quotes, funny quotes, snarky quotes, feminist quotes. But I am not seeing any quotes about saving money or being fiscally responsible. I am thinking of maybe making some.

    I do not usually see my views being expressed in popular culture. And I do not often see them expressed by well anyone doing something in the arts. For example, feminist embroidery quotes are not a common thing. But people are doing them. There are at least a few dozen embroidery activists making their presence known online.

    So why are fiscal responsibility embroidery quotes not a thing? Maybe I could make them a thing.

    I am also trying to get back into zentangles, so I could maybe do something with that too.

    It would be cool to have artists and musicians celebrate our life choices as well.

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    My bills all paid, got it made in the shade.....
    Love my old car, it's taken me far......
    Thrift-store shopping beats bar-hopping....

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    Love it dircpa…….

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