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    I recently started a frugal notebook. I'd like to use it for ideas, wishlists, noting frugal wins, things like that. I don't really want to use it for budgets or tracking spending (I do that but elsewhere) or general tips. Even just writing monthly wishlists helps so much, I used to do that but fell off the wagon and I never devoted a nice notebook to it. Any other ideas for what to put in there?

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    I feel like ideas is a pretty broad concept that would cover most things...
    but I have some suggestions.

    I might have twelve pages set aside for calendar pages to make note of any free event that takes place in your community on a yearly basis. Or any free event you heard about that you might forget because it is not for a month or two. Free events do not have to be official organized things. It could be things like driving around a neighborhood where people go all out for Christmas decorations, taking a fall leaf walk, etc.

    You could also note good times to buy things. For example, you can usually buy half price wrapping paper right after Christmas. Some food items might be on sale right before or right after a holiday. You might be able to pick up a turkey cheap right after Thanksgiving. Are there stores in your area that have really big sales on a regular basis? If there are make a note of that to.

    You might note which attractions in your city have yearly or season passes. Think about whether you/your family would visit them enough to make it worth you while. Also some cities have free attractions. Make a list of any free attractions in your city.

    Taste tests can be fun to do and record. Compare store brand v. name brand and maybe pricey upscale brand. What items are worth paying more for? What items have store brands/cheaper brands that are actually pretty good?

    I like paying attention to my happy frugal. In other words, things I really enjoy that are inexpensive or free. Write down all your happy things.

    I like to think of frugal as being a bit like a game. Except the goal for me is not to spend as little as possible. It is to have the best quality of life I can with what I have. You do not have to be frugal with every little thing. It is okay to have some little splurges here and there if you are overall frugal. For example, I like to get nice quality tea. So I maybe spend $10 or $15 more a month to get some tins of really good tea instead of the cheap brands. It is not that much for something that I drink almost every day. And it makes a difference in my overall quality of life.

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    I would write down any gift cards & balances I have and want to use up, it's easy to forget I have them and mine tend to get scattered in different places. I just recently remembered Starbucks GCs. I checked the balances and I might as well use them to buy some treats this year.

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