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    So I'm at work today w/few people around... so I'm diving into a few of the boards.

    A quick hello & off I should be.

    Little time anymore for computer use other than programming & trying to find a job.

    I think I'll have to start all over & just go around to places & fill out app's. As much as I hate it, I may have to take a job at a store... places where I despise going to let alone having to work.
    (I hate shopping in any fashion!)

    I cant work w/food due to allergies & illness.
    It's a bummer... but I'm busting my ass trying to get the house in shape before I end up getting a job that takes more energy & time than I'll have to fix it up.


    So I guess I should get back to "hardly working"... err... working hard at work here. LoL

    I do get a moment to check in every couple days - just not able to write as much as I'd like to... all these ideas gone to waste.

    Oh well... maybe see ya'll tomorrow at work! LoL

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    Hi Sue, hang in there, I'm pulling for you. Hope things improve soon.

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    Hi again Sue! Hope something comes along for you!


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    yeah me too...
    i want to get outta the house during the day in a job where i actually do something (more than just sitting on my butt). it's a great job, very cushy, love the ppl i work with... but i crave something more...

    i just dont see anything soon. except all these seasonal jobs. i want a job that's in a place i'd enjoy (like a bookstore, hell i'd go back to the library if i had to).
    but no place is hiring...

    and the few jobs i've applied for... they only want me full time.

    that's just not something i can do. i need the flexible hours/job... to be home whenever needed.
    i'd like the benefits of full time... as i'm un-insured (as i have been most of my adult life - all but 4 months).

    but that goes on the back burner. i need to have a flexible job that brings in enough income to cover bills/expenses... and that i dont have at all.

    *here's to hoping something drops outta the sky soon*

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