What to do...what to do???
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    Default What to do...what to do???

    A couple of weeks ago the library hosted a kids workshop on the Chronicles of Narnia. I local church did the presentation and all the kids got a free book. The church called this week and Katie was one of the kids who got a free ticket to the movie. They also gave us a free one for Amanda - although I think she is just too young for it. We reserved 2 adult tickets at $8 a piece. The church bought all the tickets for this particular showing - Friday 12/9 at 7:20 PM.

    Come to find out that our local Christmas thingy is happening that night too. Free stuff - face painting, Mrs. Claus telling stories, Santa, crafts, moonbonce, pony rides etc. The kids and DH went last year and loved it.

    I can't decide what to do. I know Katie wants to see the movie and I hate to pass up free tickets for her and a friend. I could let DH take Amanda to Christmas in town, but then Katie would be bummed because she missed it. I am not sure we have to time to do both.

    To top it off our church youth choir is singing at the Christmas program and one of the missions leaders is playing Mrs. Claus and reading stories.

    Ugh...what to do....what to do....

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    Why not ask Katy which she would like to do? Since it will be her choice she won't get upset either way. Besides it's a good lesson since life is full of choices.

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