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    Default School rant...

    My ds is in kindergarten. He's already ruined 2 of his long sleeved 'uniform' polos just being a kid. He's 6, I can deal with some of it.

    Well, when I picked him up from carpool I notice almost immediately that he's got rips in both knees in his khakis. So I ask him what happened. Apparently according to ds, another classmate pushed him on the way to music class and he fell on the sidewalk and scrapped his knees. He even had a band-aid on one knee.

    I checked his folder and no note nothing in there about this incident. I've already put a call into his teacher.

    This is upsetting. Not only is a perfectly fine pair of pants ruined but I get no explaination? If what my ds says is true did the other kid's parents even get notified what their kid did? I mean if I got a note or phone call that my kid did that I'd at least make my kid apologize and I'd offer to replace the pants. I asked ds if the kid apologized and he said no. I asked him if it was an accident or on purpose and he said on purpose.

    I'm very mad and at the very least upset that the school did nothing to address this incident.

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    I agree, you should have gotten a note or a call home.

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    You should have gotten a note and have right to complain. I know my dd's teacher would have sent one.

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    I used to work @ a daycare, and we always sent "ouchie" reports home when a accident happened. I do not blame you for being upset, the teacher owes you a explanation.

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    If you don't get an answer from the teacher the next day, you should call the principal and tell her your concerns. I'm a teacher and you deserve an explanation at once.

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