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    Smile Lucky Clothing?

    Do you have any articles of clothing that you consider your lucky clothes? It would sort of be like the athletes who wear only certain articles of clothing for a game. I used to have a purple dress that was my lucky dress. If I had an interview, I wore that dress. Now it probably was just that I felt good in the dress, or that it inspired cofidence, but it always seemed that lucky things happened when I wore that dress.

    By the same token, do you have any articles of clothing that you consider to be unlucky?
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    I don't have any lucky clothing, but my DS does. He has a pair of boxer shorts that he calls his "lucky boxer shorts". He wears them to all of his baseball, football and basketball games. He was on the All-star tournament basebll team two summers ago when he was 11. He hit his first homerun (over the fence/out of the ballpark - not an infield homerun) in one of the district tournament games while wearing those boxers. He was one of only three boys in the tournament to do it. There were 9 teams of 13 players each making it 117 players so it was quite an accomplishment.

    I never do laundry, that is DH's job. But the night before that game I did a load and washed his boxers. Well, I turned them a real pretty shade of pink - they were white before. I wasn't happy because I paid $25 for that pair (Tommy Hilfiger). He really wasn't happy, but still wore them. These days they are really worn out, but he still has them and still calls them his lucky boxers.

    Oh yeah, I have since been banned again from doing any laundry.

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    I don't know if it's lucky, but I have one very dressy skirt and jacket that I bought for my son's college graduation and I feel just amazing in it. I have only worn it a couple of times but I feel so much more confident in it. I wish I could wear it to work but it's not at all practical at a gift shop when your cleaning shelves and on your knees setting up displays.

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    My only good pair of jeans are LUCKY brand and I love them!!! I rarely wear them, they are too nice for everyday, but they do make my butt look good
    Does that count?

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