baby's first....... superglue???
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    Default baby's first....... superglue???

    it took 7 years and three kids before a bump drew blood

    I go take Susanne to sparks, stop at the bank and come home. 'what's that on your face Elizabeth?' (she still had ketchup on her face from dinner so I didnt think about it)

    Daddy: we had an accident

    Elizabeth: OOOOWIE!

    Victoria: its all my fault mommy.

    uh oh...

    The girls have this game of tossing the pillows on the floor and jumping across...well Elizabeth tripped on one and bashed her face into a little wooden chair we've got.

    an inch long gash in her eyebrow.

    ok Daddy made the decision that I was to go to the doctor and get it looked at. then she had a siezure.

    off to urgent care we go. she's all mellow....and calm. we ended up waiting an hour and a half and by then she's not mellow anymore (post dictal is only about 30-40 minutes), grumpy and just wants to run

    finally back in and the nurse takes a look....puts the freezing gel on and then leaves. *sigh*

    lucky we were in a room she could wander.

    doctor came in and decided that she can have the glue. don't want to risk another siezure. ok....

    moved to another room. beside a bunch of young 20somethings yukking it up. start talking about her siezures and fall and they're SILENT. nosy people. The doctor said 'you should have brought her in when she was in the postdictal state...." I did, oh...I'm so sorry. Guess I should have been a little more forceful on the 'she's had a siezure and a bump this is the easiest time to get her fixed' but oh well.

    wrapped her up in a sheet, 2 nurses, me and the doctor. I'm holding her body straight, one's got her legs, the other is holding gauze over her eye and the doctor's trying to get the glue on. WOW. strong kid. almost a siezure but she calmed down (scary I can tell if she's going to)

    and the funniest thing...the doctor is still bf, baby crying was triggering the let down reflex.

    if the glue falls out she'll get 2 stitches.

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    Poor baby! I'm glad she was able to get the glue. Believe it or not, it's much less traumatic. My little guy cracked the back of his head open on the outside steps when he was 3 or 4. They gave him 2 staples rather than mess with stitches because it was quick (no glue in the hair). That was traumatic enough lol.

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    Oh my gosh, hope the baby will be okay. I can't imagine how scary that was.

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