Assuming you are already logged in with a current password, click on Settings in the forum navigation (upper right hand corner) then select Edit Email & Password from the left side navigation. You will see a page that looks like this.

How To Change Your Password-frugal-pw1.png

Step 1

Enter your current password to continue.

Step 2

Select a new password that complies with the rules to the left and then enter it a second time. The red X's must turn to blue checks. If they don't it means you are missing something there. Once this is completed, and the passwords match, you should be able to click to save your changes.

How To Change Your Password-frugal-pw2.png

A good piece of advice, to help in remembering the more complex password, is to do a phrase instead of just randomly adding in the extra requirements.

Example: BoiledCabbageis#1!

That will stick in your in your mind better.

If you need further help, please message me.