Homemade Bath/Body Salt Scrub
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    Default Homemade Bath/Body Salt Scrub

    To make a nice and extremely inexpensive bath/body salt scrub, fill a pint ball jar with Epsom Salts. Either mix in the jar or mix in a bowl and then refill the jar, the salts with any bath oil, foaming or not. I make my own with 5 parts Flax Seed oil, 1 part Vitamin E oil and 1 part Glycerine. Flax Seed oil needs to have a preservative added and the Vitamin E oil is perfect. You can also use Rosemary Extract Oil but any scent you add will be overpowered with the Rosemary Oil. Make sure any scent added is safe for skin. The lid can be decorated and an ingredient/instruction tag can be tied on. It can be added to a bath or used as a body scrub and just rinsed off. The oil stays on the skin. Seal it in with your favorite lotion. Make your own name for it and give it as a gift anytime!
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    Thanks! I may make this for myself!
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