where to get/buy baby food jars or 2.5 oz jars
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    Default where to get/buy baby food jars or 2.5 oz jars

    Hi there - Want to give some baby shower favor in a baby food jar; checked on craigslist, didn't see any close to me. Ebay, the shipping isn't worth it. I put a post on freecycle.org. Anyone have any other ideas?

    Also, anyone know where you can buy 1.5-2.5 oz jars for cheap? Anything I've seen online, the shipping kills the cost.

    I'm in IL

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    I have seen empty jars in odd places. We have a Old Time Pottery here which is a kind of seconds store that sells home furnishings, and they have them. Also Penzey's Spices sells jars, and they are national so there might be one in an upscale area near you. Also try the various dollar stores.

    I went searching for jars last year when friends wanted to make bath scrubs, and didn't find any great online deals either.
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    Posted on your local freecycle that you need them. I have seen all sorts of jars offered up there.

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