hard time with 2008 goals...
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    Question hard time with 2008 goals...

    I am having a hard time even thinking about goals for next year. I am partly depressed right now, and I think that's the issue. I just had a really rough year. Mom died. Dad remarried. I broke my foot. Just got over that and now my back is in pain every morning. I can't get out and exercise like I used to because of my back. It is colder than normal this time of year and I am not walking as much as I ought. I am not eating as I ought due to the season. It's Christmas and my DH and I just can't seem to get on the same page. As of this year I have four members of my family that are no longer talking to me because I have set some boundaries to limit their manipulations of me. I am not a happy camper.

    So now I need to find the positive side to all that. I thought maybe setting some goals might help, but I just sit there stunned and can't get up the energy to even think of any goals for 2008. All I can think to put down is "survive"! I need help! How do you guys motivate yourself to set a few goals?


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    For me, I put down all the different areas in my life that I can think of. Physical, spiritual, mental, financial, social, etc. Then I try to think of what changes I want to make or even just see (if I think I can't make it happen I write it down anyways -just seeing it on paper does something for me) Then I break it down into monthly steps and then break the monthly down to weekly goals.

    You listed several things in your post that you are not happy with right now, so I would try to turn that around and put it in a positive light and say for example, one goal is for hubby & you to become more on the same page next year. So how can that happen, maybe get a book on growing your marriage or on communication and make it a goal to read one book on relationships each quarter of the year, and/or decide to write a note once a month to express your love, etc. That's how I do it....I ask what am I doing that I am happy with and is producing the results I want? And, what am I doing that I am not happy with and want to change for next year? Then put down on paper the best way I see to achieve the results I want.

    Also, not sure if you are a praying person, but I try to spend time pryaing for a general visioin/dirrection for the year. I had been saying "2008 is gonna be great" as my mantra, but as I prayed, I felt directed to "lose the weight in 2008" and it meant not specifically physically, but all the things that weigh me down and keep me from being the person I was born to be. So my original goals have slightly changed and are in the process of being revised to follow that.

    Good luck Jean, I'm sure some things will come to mind. And, you are a fighter, you will survive! I'm sorry for your tough year.

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    I don't have any great advice but here is a big (((((hug))))) for you.

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    I think ou should start small and work your way up.

    I love Denise's idea of the different aspects (Physical, spiritual, mental, financial, social, etc) you need to think about you as you are the most important person.

    (((((((HUGS)))))))) I hope 2008 is a better year for you.

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    I have nothing to add since I am learning but I wan to give you a hug. Hugs

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