I bought a coffee press!
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    Cool I bought a coffee press!

    ~After our third drip coffee maker in nine years broke I decided to do something very different than what we were used to.
    My reasons for the switch:
    Drip coffee maker cons:
    -they take up a huge amount of counter space in our small kitchen
    -drip coffee maker carafes are flimsy and we've had to pick up thrift store replacements several times
    -we must keep paper filters on hand for drip, another thing that's produced, I must buy and store
    -units are made primarily of plastic, which I try to avoid, especially since it heats water through plastic

    Coffee press advantages besides fixing all of the above:
    -portability! We'll be taking it on our camping trip in Oct.
    -better tasting coffee(I'm drinking my first cup now and it is so yum!)
    -we have a gas stove so we can still have coffee in a power outage
    -all pieces go in the dishwasher
    -usable for brewing loose tea without imparting a coffee flavor like drip makers do
    -does what it's supposed to do and nothing else(no alarms, clocks, timers, etc)
    -aesthetics. It's purty!

    This is the double walled, all stainless steel model I purchased:

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    I LOVE my coffee press! It goes camping with us, works when the electricity is out (gas hot water heater). AND the coffee tastes SO much better.

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    Nuiance26 -

    You did an excellent job on why to use a (French) coffee press.

    I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I LOVE it made in my coffee press. So quick and easy, and I can make just one cup at a time, or more cups with my larger press.

    Don't forget to give the coffee/water a quick stir into a "slurry" after you add the water to get the "bloom" to really come out before you steep it, and then plunge it.

    Here's another cost-savings method you may find useful, or at least "interesting".

    How to make Whole Bean Coffee for those of you who have a problem consuming bitter coffee.

    Place 2 T. whole coffee beans per 6-oz. boiling water in a Thermos (for as many cups as you need to make, or your Thermos will hold). Seal it and lay it on its side for 1-hour. The coffee is lighter in color and NO bitterness.

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