Eco-Themed Site Running Easy Contests (great frugal holiday prizes)
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    Default Eco-Themed Site Running Easy Contests (great frugal holiday prizes)


    I'm writing this because I've been a member of a green themed social network called "Greenwala" for almost a year now and they are running quite a lot of great eco-themed contests.

    The reason I'm mentioning them to everyone here is that they are so easy to enter (all of them require that you submit PHOTOS and brief descriptions) and yet hardly anyone has taken the time, which means that the odds are stacked high that people here could win.

    In keeping with the budget-friendly theme of this website, I enter contests all the time with the hope of winning and re-gifting the prizes, and with the holidays just around the corner, I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there like me who do the same.

    So, here are just a few of the current contests that greenwala is running:

    1) Eco Chic

    2) Green Your Halloween (**ends Monday, November 16th)

    3) The Ultimate Eco Geek Challenge

    4) What's Your Story?

    *** They are also awarding a free Kindle each week for the next 4 weeks ***

    In my mind, this seems like a super opportunity for frugal people to take advantage of. Hopefully, you'll think that this tip is worthy enough, too!


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    Mahalo for posting - definitely sounds interesting!!

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