Longing for 100% cotton and wool clothing again ...
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    Default Longing for 100% cotton and wool clothing again ...

    I hate acrylic fibers. Not only am I allergic to them, but they are everywhere. This year it was the worst as every article of clothing seems to be blended with the stuff! We live in The South where we actually grow cotton and you'd think it would be easier to find it here. Nope! A decent cotton or wool sweater. That's all I ask ... and a decent price, too.

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    I find lands end and llbean have plenty of choice in cotton sweaters. Around Christmas they had regular priced sweaters for 40 to 50 % off. They are starting clearance sales now.

    I find 100% wool sweaters at the goodwill all the time. Maybe that is different in the south?

    I just received 100% organic cotton pajamas from my mom for Christmas. They are so soft on my skin. I love cotton.

    Did I mention I love cotton?

    Good luck on your quest for a sweater

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    I was just going to say Lands End has lots of options and everything has been 50% off lately. I think they off more styles and colors than LL Bean

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