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Just wanted to share my own sustainability/safety/MacGyver story that has made a significant impact (in a good way!) on our family.

tl;dr hated the cleaning chemicals we had around the house, discovered Bioperoxide from my research work, made Bioperoxide at scale from corn starch, now we use it at home and love it. I can send you some if you want it.

My wife and I are both physician-scientists and hate using nasty chemical cleaning solutions around the house (e.g. clorox, lysol) because we know how bad they can be. In fact, early on we found out that our youngest would break out in terrible hives whenever we used clorox disinfecting wipes around him.

So, naturally we started using the more “natural” alternative, Seventh Generation cleaning products. To our surprise, we found that many of their cleaning products contained SLS (Sodium Laureate Sulfate), a compound that we have studied extensively and did not want near our children. We found SLS in many of the other cleaning products as well (e.g. method, honest).So we were back to square one.

During this time in my research lab I was studying how cells in our body can use dextrose and other nutrients to naturally get rid of bacteria and other pathogens by making “Bioperoxide”. Through this research I discovered that the enzyme which made Bioperoxide is found in all cells in nature —humans, plants, and other animals! Essentially, mother nature had figured out a way to make a fully natural and organic cleaner/disinfectant from the nutrients found around us. Even more exciting, I found that Bioperoxide only breaks down into water and oxygen, meaning no weird residues left over.

While telling my wife about this, she started to wonder if I could make Bioperoxide in a liquid form that we could use around the house to replace our SLS infested cleaners. Crazy idea I thought…but after some thinking I realized it was possible: I could isolate large quantities of the enzyme I discovered and use corn starch to make the Bioperoxide in a simple reactor. Corn starch!! It’s basically derived from plant scraps.

So after many failed attempts in my garage and multiple MacGyver like construction sessions, Big Bertha was born:

My green living discovery-fullsizerender.jpg

She’s not the prettiest thing, but she made Bioperoxide how nature had intended, from plant material!

This is the corn starch I used to make Bioperoxide:

My green living discovery-img_1166.jpg

Here’s a small batch of Bioperoxide in a spray bottle, it’s completely odorless:

My green living discovery-img_1100.jpg

Before I brought any Bioperoxide home to my family, I sent it out to our lab for purity testing and found that it only contained Bioperoxide and water, no residues, no metal contaminants, no VOC’s … just pure Bioperoxide!

Next, I started testing the efficacy of Bioperoxide as cleaner and disinfectant in various settings around the lab:

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Left)Exploded ketchup in microwave. (right) 1paper towel + 2 sprays bioperoxide

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(Left) Splattered vegetable oil on mirror! (Right) 3 sprays Bioperoxide and 1 paper towel

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(Left) dried, exploded ketchup in bowl (Right) after 5 minutes of soaking in Bioperoxide and rinsed

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(L) 3days Bacterial culture of counter in lab (R) Counter wiped with 1 spray of Bioperoxide; 3days culture
*culture tests done at 37C incubation

Bioperoxide was finally ready to bring home! Long story short, my wife loved it because it didn’t leave any weird residues, is odorless, plant derived and her husband made it . Our kiddos love the fact that it didn’t smell like cleaner, our eldest has a strange aversion to the lemmon smell of cleaners so this was a win for her. The youngest had no issues with hives or allergies in any way.

I feel a lot safer using this around the house than any other cleaner out there.

Overall, very happy with Bioperoxide and would love to answer questions anyone may have.

Let me know if you’d like to try it, I set up a secure site for family and friends for me to send it to: www.bioperoxide.com

Thank you!