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Thread: Migraine!!!

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    Default Migraine!!!

    My mom died because of a brain tumor. At first, she is experiencing severe headache from time to time. We went to a doctor to ask whats happening to her but they said its only a migraine, so he gave a medicine to cure the pain. She was bedridden at that time. 1 month later when were busy on something i heard my mom shout because of her head and that point we ran to the nearest hospital but sadly her journey is over. Yes, she died when that thing happens to her. We don't know if who's fault is that because the doctor in that hospital told us she has a brain tumor and all this time we only know that its a simple migraine. It's been 11 years now but i still remember what happened to her. I am experiencing migraine now and i am afraid maybe one of these days it can happen to me also. But i read this article https://www.greenmed.io/blog/top-4-benefits-of-vaping/ that maybe marijuana can cure a migraine, i don't know if this thing works so i want an opinion here. If somebody uses it already? Can you help me with th

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    You should see a doctor and explain your family history. You can get a brain MRI which will show any possible tumors, and you can have routine monitoring to watch for signs of a tumor. There are several new medicines for migraine, if that is a problem you have.

    There is no "cure" for migraine, only treatment for the symptoms. Marijuana or CBD may help some people with their pain but it is not a miracle cure for ANY disease.
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    After you've seen a neurologist, if she/he confirms that it is migraine, there is a book called Heal Your Headache. I had migraines with auras throughout my 40s and the suggestions in the book (dietary and medicines not to take) got rid of them. My grand niece is a school teacher and started getting migraines so I gave her a copy of the book. She was able to go off all migraine meds and no longer has migraines.

    But, please go to a neuro and get a diagnosis.
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