Do you let your kids eat all their Halloween candy?
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    Default Do you let your kids eat all their Halloween candy?

    So a question for you - when (if) your kids go trick or treating do you let them eat all of their candy? Do you monitor or try to control it at all? If you don't let them eat it all, what do you do with it? My sister just bought a bunch of her kids candy, but now she doesn't know what to do with it. I have bought it in the past, but not sure what I will do this year. Oh, how long do you let it hang around before getting rid of it? I usually give it a week and then send it to school with my dh (he is a teacher).

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    We do not get rid of it we keep it around until it is gone. I can't see throwing it out or shipping it off else where.

    If they are wanting to go hog wild with it then I might stash it away in the cupboard so that it isn't in constant sight.

    Halloween candy should last until the next candy holiday, Christmas.

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    I let them eat it all. The first few days, we kind of let him go all out. Not eating the entire bag all out, but having a piece with his breakfast, etc. I also send a piece or two in his lunchbox.

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    We take it and put it into a communal bowl. We let them pick a few things a day. Because of my oldest's (mild) milk allergy, we have separated out the milk chocolates from the rest so that she isn't tempted by it.

    We have been known to save up some of it for Christmas stocking stuffer candy.

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    Mine are 18 and 15 and haven't trick or treated in a few years. I let them go hog wild. After about a week it got taken to school to share. My dentist was the one that told me to let them get it over with instead of drag it out.

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