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    Default Alternative to trick or party ideas

    Sorry if it is a bit unclear, I am getting sleepy. But if i don't post this now I will forget.

    I was thinking about this last year after trick or treating with the kids. I had all the worries about tampered candy and mean spirited people that it occured to me i may just have a party for the kids at home. I came up with a few party ideas. I talked about em with my buddy and we thought I should share the ideas, maybe get a growing list of party ideas for at home kids parties.

    A few of my ideas are: (and again i am exhausted so if it makes no sense, let me know and I can edit tomorrow)

    * have an apple bob in a great big tub, lay out mats in the kitchen..or towels and let the kids have a ball! if warm enough they can do this in the yard (do it early in the party, it gets cold fast around halloween time)

    *have cake and ice "scream"

    *a candy hunt maybe where little pouches of candy are hidden in a room, maybe the living room for kids to find. they make those plastic pumpkins that you fill with candy...sort of a easter egg hunt idea with pumpkins filled with candy

    *kids get scared of ghosts after seeing them on tv so much around this time, they see them in school, and hear about it on the radio(and unfortunately their frienda also try to scare with ghost stories and so on. So i had an idea to make ghosts silly and fun for the kids. so that they can make one and it can be as goofy as they want. encourage silly! you take a white piece of fabric cut in a square, center a tootsie pop in it and wrap the lolly in it, make sure the fabric is big enough that it doesn't just cover the lolly, but also goes down the stick too, so the ghost has a "body" and not just the head. you take pens and draw silly faces on the fabric heads. they make tiny hats that you can get in the doll making sections at craft stores, so your ghost can wear a straw hat, a cowboy hat a top hat, etc. you can have them glue on wiggle eyes too if the kids are old enough. tie a orange or black (any color will do) ribbon around it to hold the fabric, and viola a silly ghost. or you could get the white chenille covered pipe cleaners and make your ghost have arms. Just twist them on in place of or in addition to the ribbon.

    Ok enough from me for a little bit, i am exhausted. I better go to bed!

    anyone else have any ideas??

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    Good ideas !!!!!!!

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    We did the tootsie roll ghosts for one of my kids classes several years ago,only we used white Kleenex tissues and let them draw the faces on with markers.

    I've taken small items and tied strings to them, then hid the prizes in the yard (or your living room) Weave the strings over/under/around until you spin a spider web. Give the kids the free end of the string and let them follow it to their prize. For very young kids- use a different color of yarn for each prize- for older kids (even teens) use all the same color of yarn and make the webs increasingly difficult.

    We have a weiner roast/hayride for all the area kids, near Halloween (used to be on Halloween). We started out just using a yard cart behind our lawn mower for the hayride, but have since needed to progress to a full sized wagon and tractor We get people crashing our party that we didn't even invite- I've joke that we should just put an open invitation in the local newspaper.

    Our church did a "scary" rooms theme last year. Each set of parents took a room and used a Bible story to make a scary room. The kids were required to view the rooms and find the correct story in the Bible. We did the valley of dry bones- we make skeletons out of milk jugs (found the instructions and patterns online) , tossed extra "bones" on the floor. Others did- David and Goliath, they stuffed a huge pair of overalls and left the head off- even most of us parents didn't realize that David had cut off Goliath's head after he killed him, We had Moses and the burning bush and of course the beheading of John the Baptist. I can't remember many of the others, but it sure was fun. Perhaps you could set up a room with a sort of scary them. Dark room, mirrors in unexpected places, streamers from the ceiling and so forth.

    We used to do the icky stuff in bowls - peeled grapes for eyeballs, cooked- cold spaghetti for guts and so on.

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